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From Infinite to the Center



As part of the France-Korea year 2015-2016, the artist Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon, presented at the Korea Foundation Gallery in Seoul in 2016, some forty pictorial works as well as an art installation.
This artistic work is questioning the plurality of our cultures and the universal meaning of art in general, on its way to gather and unite people. What are the elements of our humanity that serve to link us, to bring us closer together?
From the infinite elements of materialization that constitute our visible world, to the elements of permanence of the essence of our "beings", this pictorial research composed of multiple layers covered and overlaid on each other is a mirror of our human quest.
To return, after a necessary journey of exploration of the measurable world to "know", to the centre of ourselves and of all things, to walk towards knowledge. It is a quest for identity.

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