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This project was born from the desire of two artists to bring together two arts that seem to have nothing to do with each other, but which in fact have everything to do with one another.
The aim is to merge and link painting and sewing in order to propose an artistic crossbreeding. It is a collaborative work.
This event highlighted the quality work of these two artists and thus allowed the guests to appropriate culture in all its dimensions.
Indeed, it is from the invisible that the visible manifests itself. The heart of things is beyond everything and cannot be grasped. The non-palpable spiritual connection is the essence of everything.
This original show tells a story, that of the POPOL VUH (Mayan sacred book on the genesis of the world and the origin of mankind).
In these works, the artist integrates patterns and fabrics from one of the collections of the Cuban designer Daniel Garriga. This creation was presented during a fashion show of the designer in 2019.

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