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The Master of Mysteries



The artist invites you to enter the world of the Master of the Mysteries.
The Master or the meter is an allusion to the order of things, to measurement, to the measurable, to the materiality of our existence, to our materialized consciousness. The Master is the guide, the one who shows the way, the one who helps the passage to wisdom, the one who helps me to be.
As for the mystery, it is the path of silence, of the primordial wave, of the essence of all things. Life is a mystery to be lived and it is through inner silence that vital osmosis is achieved.
Earth, sand, ash, ropes, strings, pigments and acrylics mix and intermingle to guide our steps in the artist's universe. One must not lose the Ariadne's thread because Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon evolves in a world imbued with sacred geometry, myths of Mesoamerica, Amerindian spirituality, alchemical quest, the symbolism of numbers and the strength of Mother Earth.

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